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SAVE A LIFE, Adopt a Homeless Pet
"Be the Voice for Those That Have No Voice"

501 C3 Nonprofit Organization
203-250-7387 or 860-747-5412

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Best Friends for Life Animal Rescue Inc. Promotes Responsible Pet Ownership


With over 3 million dogs a year needlessly euthanized, we know the real problem isn't the dogs . . . it's the people!

If people could just follow the simple basic rules of responsible pet ownership -spay/neuter, vaccinate, understand the commitment of owning a pet before taking one, understand that a pet is a member of your family.

Pets are not disposable! 
A very wise man once said, "If we don't educate our young people, we will surely pay a high price in the future." In this case, it is the innocent animals that are paying the high price. We know that rescue and rehome is just a bandaid on the real problem.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to rescue first and foremost. Rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in danger of being euthanized. To provide safe, loving and caring foster homes for all animals in our care. To educate the public about responsible pet ownership. To provide medical care for those animals in need. To be the voice for those that have no voice.

"Our mission is to rescue; our hope and dream is a world that doesn't need our help."

Learn more about Best Friends for Life Animal Rescue Inc. and the ways you can help.

Meet Samantha
We'd like to thank everyone who supported our annual fundraising event
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A dog spending a day at the shore
1.  Must own a house.
2.  Veterinarian reference.
3.  Application & adoption fee.
4.  Children under 6 are accepted on a
     case by case basis

If you want to adopt a dog or provide a foster home, please click on the bone to fill out our application.
To Be Announced Soon

Contact Us for More Information
203-250-7387 or 860-747-5412 ~ Fax 860-426-9702
Email  [email protected]
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Beautiful Layza
Turning tragedy into triumph.
Foster homes and volunteers wanted. We provide vet, food & support.  Contact us today.

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